Preconception Check-Up

The first step you need to do if you and your partner are trying to get pregnant is to visit your doctor. A preconception checkup will enable you to understand the dos and donts and help you prepare for your desired pregnancy. This will also allow you to plan your pregnancy efficiently. It is important to seek the recommendations, advice, and suggestions of your doctor especially when it is your first time to try conceiving a baby. The doctor will also tell you the medications you need to take and not take, the food you need to eat and avoid, and the habits you need to maintain and stop.

Observe your Fertilization and Ovulation

Observing your cycle plays a vital role in your attempt to conceive a child. There are several mobile apps now that help you track your period including your fertilization and ovulation cycles. However, if you have an irregular period, it is highly recommended that you still seek the advice of your doctor as a second opinion. Apps can have their lapses at times. Having sexual intercourse at the right time may not ensure the likelihood of a pregnancy 100% but it does facilitate so much.

Strengthen the Sperm Cells

A successful attempt at conception does not end at figuring out the time when you are most fertile and most capable of conceiving a baby. Your egg cells are just half of the whole process that is why having healthy sperm cells also play a role. There are several ways to boost the male partner’s sperm cells. These include putting an end to filthy habits such as drinking, smoking, and even substance abuse, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and a normal weight, eating food rich in vitamin C, vitamin D, folic, calcium, and zinc, and avoiding exposure to hot tubs or anything of high temperature.